You’ve broken a bone – now what?


Here are 6 things you need to know about fractures

Fragility Fracture

  • A broken bone from a slip, trip or fall from standing height is called a fragility fracture.
  • A fragility fracture may be the first sign that your bones are weak and thin and will break easily.


  • A fracture and a broken bone are the same thing. A fracture is a break, crack, split or chip in your bone.
  • One fracture greatly increases your risk of having another one
  • Fractures can be devastating and may lead to: fear (of falling, of physical activity), social isolation, depression, chronic pain, disability, hospitalization & long-term care, and even death

Healthy Bones

  • Healthy bones do not break from a simple event like a fall from standing height
Asian senior man falling down at home in the backyard caused by myasthenia (Muscle Weakness) and the nurse came to help support. Concept of old elderly insurance and health care