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The Fracture Screening and Prevention Program (FSPP), developed and operated by Osteoporosis Canada in partnership with the Ontario Orthopaedic Association and the Ontario College of Family Physicians, supports the mandate of the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy, which is to reduce morbidity, mortality and costs from osteoporotic fractures using a patient centred, multi-disciplinary approach that is integrated across health care sectors.

FSPP is one of the secondary fracture prevention initiatives launched in 2007 to screen fragility fractures and facilitate diagnosis and appropriate care. This coordinator-based program provides osteoporosis screening in an orthopaedic fracture clinic setting and in Family Health Teams by identifying and assessing men and women who have had a fragility fracture – a broken bone from an activity that would not normally cause a bone to break, such as a simple slip, trip or fall.

The FSPP is currently active within 36 fracture clinics, and is administered by Fracture Prevention Coordinators (FPCs) working within the fracture clinics or at Family Health Teams in Ontario.

Regional Integration Leads (RILs) work within the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy at Osteoporosis Canada and oversee the FSPP within their region.

Overview of FCSP Program Models