What is not a fragility fracture?

Do not conduct patient screening if the patient sustained a moderate/high trauma (non-fragility) fracture but do provide education on their personal risk factors, calcium and vitamin D intake, physical activity and provide him/her with resource materials as appropriate and as time permits. The focus should be on screening patients who have sustained a low trauma (fragility) fracture.

Only conduct screening on a non-fragility fracture patient at the request of the orthopaedic surgeon and be sure to indicate this on the Baseline Assessment Form.

Examples of Mechanisms of Sustaining a Non-Fragility Fracture

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  • Fall down one or more stairs
  • Fall off of a curb
  • Fall off a ladder, chair, stool
  • Motor vehicle collision (MVC)
  • Fall while skiing
  • Fall while ice skating or rollerblading
  • Falling off a bicycle
  • Having a heavy object fall or strike the body