Staying Balanced with Taichi

July 2020

Take action to make sure you are staying fracture-free and are taking care of your bone health. Ensure that your home environment is free of clutter and any obstacles and take care when walking outdoors. Engage in falls prevention activities.

Reducing fall risk is an important way to reduce your risk of fractures. A recent review of studies found Tai Chi to be effective for fall prevention short-term in older adults. In fact, it can reduce the rate of falls by almost 50% during the first year that people are practising Tai Chi. Research has also shown that Tai Chi may improve balance, which is an important part of reducing the risk of falling.

Effect of Tai Chi on Bone Density

The effects of Tai Chi on bone density have also been studied. A recent review found that regular participation in Tai Chi (45-90 minute sessions between 2 and 7 times a week) for at least 24 weeks may be an effective way to slow the reduction in bone density that is seen in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women, as well as in individuals with osteoporosis. However, more research is required to confirm the results and to determine the amount of exercise and frequency of training necessary to provide benefit. For more resources visit