The Fracture Screening and Prevention Program (FSPP) is a secondary fracture prevention program developed through the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy (OOS) and operated by Osteoporosis Canada in collaboration with the Ontario Orthopaedic Association, the Ontario College of Family Physicians and hospitals around the province.

Initiated in 2007, the goal of the Fracture Screening and Prevention Program (FSPP) is to increase the rate of referral of fragility fracture patients for assessment and treatment of osteoporosis in order to reduce the risk of re-fractures. Twenty-five Fracture Prevention Coordinators (FPCs) work with 36 fracture clinics across Ontario to identify and assess men and women aged 50 and over who have had fragility fractures - broken bones - from incidents that would not normally cause bones to break, such as falling out of bed or slipping on ice.

Fracture Prevention Coordinators screen fragility fracture patients while working with orthopaedic surgeons, allied health professionals, diagnostic imaging, fracture clinic staff and primary care providers to help improve patient access to integrated and appropriate post-fracture care such as Bone Mineral Density testing and/or follow up with an osteoporosis specialist. The FPC also provides information and support to connect these patients with primary care, community-based services and education.

Objectives of the program are to:

  • Improve identification of at-risk patients and fracture risk assessment
  • Ensure appropriate use of diagnostic and assessment tools, including Bone Mineral Density (BMD) testing, to support fracture risk assessment and osteoporosis diagnosis
  • Improve quality of support provided to at-risk patients within fracture clinic settings
  • Promote integration of post-fracture care, rehabilitation and osteoporosis management for fracture patients in acute care settings
  • Facilitate access to local specialist support or through telemedicine to ensure appropriate assessment and care for patients with complex needs and for patients in rural/remote areas

Fracture Screening and Prevention Program (FSPP) Sites

FSPP is one of the secondary fracture prevention initiatives launched in 2007 to screen fragility fractures and facilitate diagnosis and appropriate care.

The FSPP is currently active within 36 fracture clinics, and is administered by Fracture Prevention Coordinators (FPCs) who work within the fracture clinics or at Family Health Teams in Ontario.

Fracture Prevention in Long Term Care (LTC)

A framework was developed in 2007 to prevent hip and other osteoporotic fractures and improve the lives and bone health of older adults residing in long term care in Ontario. Funded by the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care, the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy for LTC

(OOS LTC) is part of the broader Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy, and aims at increasing awareness and preventing fractures among older adults residing in long term care.