Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy (OOS) Objectives:

  • Reducing fragility fractures and enhancing bone health in Ontario.
  • Decreasing the occurrence of hip and related osteoporotic fractures.

Bridging care gaps in Ontario


In Canada, notably among those who suffer fractures from osteoporosis, a striking 80% don't receive proper care. This heightens their risk for subsequent severe fractures. The Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy is committed to remedying this for Ontarians over 50 who suffer from fragility fractures.

Prioritizing bone health and fracture prevention, the strategy offers an all-encompassing plan to tackle this significant public health challenge.


Did you know?

Fragility fractures are fractures that occur spontaneously or as a result of minor trauma such as a fall from standing height or less, as a result of weakened bones due to osteoporosis. These fractures are considered a serious sign of osteoporosis, indicating that the bone has become weak and fragile, and may be more prone to future fractures.

Coordinated Effort

Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy (OOS): A collective initiative partnering with organizations like MOHLTC, Osteoporosis Canada, McMaster University, Women’s College Hospital, and St. Michael’s Hospital, all working towards the vision of OOS.

Leads OOS Long Term Care strategy and osteoporosis education.

A pioneer in the strategy, continually advancing in osteoporosis care.

Funds and supports core OOS components.

Undertakes collaborative research to unearth evidence-backed solutions for bone health.

Provides national guidelines and collaborates with healthcare professionals.

Offers education pivotal for OOS objectives.

Champions the Fracture Prevention and Support Program.

Tailors therapeutic programs for the elderly and focuses on Long-Term Care research.