Dr. Judi Laprade, Bone Fit™ Lead Trainer and Associate Professor at the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto, was recently awarded the School of Rehabilitation Therapy Distinguished Alumni Award from Queen’s University. The Award recognizes one graduate annually from each of the Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Rehabilitation Science programs who has made exceptional contributions to their chosen profession, field and/or community.


Dr. Laprade received her degree in Physical Education at the University of Western Ontario and then went on to complete her Physical Therapy degree, MSc and PhD in the Department of Anatomy at Queen’s University. She has previously taught anatomy and physical therapy courses at Queen’s University and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Currently, she is the Anatomy Course Director for the kinesiology & physical education, dentistry and physical therapy programs. For more information on this award, click here.

Since 2010, Dr. Laprade has been a Lead Trainer and the Content Lead for Bone Fit™ with Osteoporosis Canada and the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy, running over 60 workshops and training 1600+ health and fitness professionals. Bone Fit™ is an evidence-informed exercise training workshop for healthcare professionals and exercise practitioners who work with clients with osteoporosis. With Dr. Laprade at the helm and support from the co-trainers, Bone Fit™ has become a well recognized program in exercise across the country.

Bone Fit™ Program