The 2010 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Osteoporosis in Canada and the 2015 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Frail Elderly offer evidence-based screening and treatment recommendations for adults over 50 years.

A custom form for EMRs, based on these guidelines, was developed to support family physicians in their decision-making process to improve diagnosis and care for their patients living with or at risk of osteoporosis. The original tool, for PS Suite, has recently been updated. The tool’s improved functionality includes: calculating patient fracture risk, populating prior BMD scores as they are updated via the form; and a more detailed pharmacotherapy section.

The custom form is now also available for OSCAR EMR, and there is a PDF version

Click here for more details or to download the tool.

The updated PS Suite (Telus) version of the osteoporosis assessment custom tool was developed in partnership with QBIC (Quality Based Improvements in Care), The Centre for Family Medicine FHT eHealth Centre of Excellence, Waterloo, Ontario.

The Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy would like to acknowledge Dr. Sanjeev Goel for his work in development of the OSCAR version of the tool.