Fracture Risk Scale Manual

Using information from the resident’s latest RAI-MDS assessment, respond to questions to direct you to the resident’s Fracture Risk Scale Score (MDS response locations appear in square brackets, where applicable). Document the responses using the check boxes. Instructions for calculating …

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New FRS Tool for LTC

First slide of a presentation that reads the title "Fracture Risk Scale"

The Fracture Risk Scale (FRS) tool is used to predict hip fracture for LTC residents over a 1-year time period.

Embedded in MDS 2.0, the FRS tool automatically calculates hip fracture risk for LTC residents based on their MDS 2.0 …

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2015 Osteoporosis LTC Recommendations’ Presentation

Presentation title slide that reads "Recommendations for Preventing Fracture in Long Term Care"

This presentation illustrates how to apply the 2015 Fracture Prevention Recommendations for frail older adults in long-term care, improve fracture risk assessment and identification of residents at high risk, and how to choose non-pharmacological and pharmacological therapies for residents at …

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2015 Recommendations for Preventing Fractures in LTC

Learn more about the first guideline in Canada focused on preventing fractures among the frail and elderly in long-term care. It includes information on falls and osteoporosis assessment, as well as various treatment strategies designed to reduce immobility, pain, hospital

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Osteoporosis and Fracture Prevention in LTC Webinar

Close-up hands of female physician in medical uniform typing on laptop keyboard sitting at desk, with stethoscope on the desk next to laptop

The Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy for Long Term Care (OOSLTC) in collaboration with the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) has developed a certified webinar program, ‘Clinical Application of the Long-Term Care Fracture Prevention Recommendations for Frail Older Adults.’ The program …

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Osteoporosis LTC Video Series

Osteoporosis Canada, Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy, University of Waterloo and GERAS Centre for Aging Research launched a four-video series, aimed at educating health care professionals to prevent falls and fractures for long term care (LTC) residents. This video series promote exercise …

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LTC Fracture Prevention Quick Reference Guide

Senior Couple At Home With Man Talking To Female Nurse Or Care

This 2-page quick reference guide is a tool that provides a quick summary of information including Fracture Risk Assessment on Admission and Fracture and Fall Prevention Strategies for residents living in long-term care environments.…

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LTC Therapy Tool

The Long Term Care Safe Administration Therapy Tool for osteoporosis was revised in May 2018 by the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy and GERAS Centre for Aging Research to include recent changes to the Limited Use Codes.

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